Looking for Sqlite Net PCL for your Xamarin project?

The phone app for Notezilla is created using Xamarin Forms. I like the way Xamarin Forms has grown. It works pretty well.

If you are looking for SQlite .Net PCL library, you might find multiple. But I will tell you which one is good.

For last few years I had used Sqlite.Net PCL and Sqlite-Net Extensions in my app. While I was debugging performance issue in the iOS version of my app, I found that the performance lag was due to a single linq query. It used to take 7 seconds. Xamarin Forms list view which listed our records was performing too slow. This was the case only in iOS. Not in Android.

So I looked for an alternative. And finally found the original Sqlite-Net-PCL project that is being maintained till date. I implemented Sqlite-Net-PCL and found that the same linq query executed in less than 1 second. This was a great deal for me.

In short, use Sqlite-Net-PCL. Do not use Sqlite.Net PCL because it is slow and it is not being maintained.

Sqlite-Net Extensions is dependent on Sqlite.Net PCL. Fortunately, we weren’t using Sqlite-Net Extensions. So we could easily remove it from our project.


XLabs Xamarin Forms Labs – Label does not show strikethrough on multi-line in iOS

If you are trying to use strike through property of XLabs Xamarin-Forms-Labs , you may not see the strike through work on labels having multiline (wrapped text). This is a bug.

To fix it, add the following line after setting this.Control.AttributedText = new NSMutableAttributedString in the file ExtendedLabelRendered.cs

 ((NSMutableAttributedString)this.Control.AttributedText).AddAttribute (
                UIStringAttributeKey.BaselineOffset, new NSNumber(0) , new NSRange (0, view.Text.Length));