Calculate age from date of birth in Google Docs (Spreadsheet)

Here is a simple way to calculate age from birthday in Google Spreadsheet (works in Microsoft Excel also)

Imagine that you have a column with date of births in it. Just create another column ‘Age’ and specify the following formula in each of its cell.


E is the date of birth column.

Thanks to this post for showing it.

ClipSpy – Keep a watch on clipboard contents

One tool I use quite often when developing products is ClipSpy.

It lets you see the contents of the Clipboard. A clipboard may have multiple formats stored. ClipSpy lets you analyze each format, see its data etc.

Yesterday, it helped me track the format in which Gmail accepts a file attachment via drag and drop (works only in Google Chrome browser). It uses the CFSTR_FILENAME clipboard format.

Earlier, when developing RecentX, it helped me track the clipboard formats that Windows Explorer uses when copying files.


Log into multiple gmail accounts all at once using Gmail Manager

You will love the ‘Gmail Manager‘ Firefox extension if you have multiple gmail accounts to check.

‘Gmail Manager’ logs in to multiple gmail accounts all at once and periodically checks for new emails. You can quickly go to any mailbox without typing in your username and password. This extension is really handly.

Get notified when somebody talks about your product

Google Alert is a fantastic service from Google that notifies you (via email) when ever it finds a specified keyword while crawling websites/blogs.

You can add all your product names in ‘Google Alert’ and get an email every time Google finds a mention about it, anywhere on the Internet.

This has lot of advantages:

  • If somebody talks about your product on a blog/forum, you can participate in it by giving support, notifying them with newer updates or giving some offer to those blog/forum readers.
  • Similarly, you can learn what others think about your product, use their reviews on your website as testimonials etc.
  • You can know if your product has been cracked and is available on any of the torrent websites.