StackOverflow like alternative Q & A system

In order to build a Question & Answer system like StackOverflow, for my website Conceptworld, I was looking for various alternatives.

The reasons behind building a Q&A website for our products were:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Minimizing Support
  3. Provide customers with quick answers to frequent questions

Since year 2000 when we founded Conceptworld, we have received several thousand support queries. I wanted to put the best, frequently asked support queries into this Q&A website.

I found a long list on this stack exchange page but I wanted something that can be setup easily on my Windows based server (IIS). I am using shared hosting from Lunarpages.

Finally I found a fantastic Q&A system called Question2Answer. It is a PHP based free and open source platform which works so well. I have successfully set it up on our Conceptworld support page.

Question2Answer is as easy as setting up wordpress on any server. It has a huge community around it. Plus there are several plugins available to tweak the product to your needs.

If you are looking for a free Q2A platform that will work on Windows IIS based server, then I strongly recommend Question2Answer.

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