Productivity Tip #1

Do not reply to your emails immediately. Reply to them in batches. May be once in the morning and once in the evening. Remember that your customers are not expecting an immediate reply. This is the case only if you are on a phone or chat conversation with them. In most businesses they do expect a reply withing 24 hours. So stay relaxed and stay focused on your current high priority task.

Customers are often impressed if you reply to them much faster than the 24 hour period. Say, within 2-4 hours. In this case again you don’t have to press the ‘Reply’ button as you read the email. Continue to do what you are working on and address all emails in batches every few hours to improve your productivity. We are often tempted to send immediate reply to sales emails. Replying immediately moves our attention and sucks our energy that we actually require for the high priority task. Shift your temptation by understanding your priorities.

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