Giveaway Of The Day

GiveAway Of The Day (GOTD) site gives away a software for free, every day. This site can be a very good marketing tool for software companies, especially uISV.

Many of us may immediately reject GOTD and it’s quite natural. When given enough thought and based on my experience, I have written down some facts/arguments that will help you to take the right decision.

  1. If you have a innovative software that people normally do not search for, you will need to layout an extensive marketing plan. One way to reach the masses is by giving it away free and just for one day. This is when GOTD will be useful. You would be surprised to see the comments that you would receive on the GOTD site. The comments include appreciation, criticism, feature requests etc. This can be very good for your product’s future.
  2. GOTD pays you for giving away your software on their site. It’s normally $400.00 or so. If you receive a good response from the GOTD users, you can ask for more. If you have a product that does not sell much, this is one way to get that ‘extra income’.
  3. If you are going to launch a new version of the product, you can give away the current version for free. When GOTD users download your software from the GiveAwayOfTheDay website they do not register with you. So you wouldn’t have their email addresses. However, you can modify your current version (a link in your program’s menu etc) so that GOTD users can upgrade to the new version at special discount price.
  4. Some software vendors have a notion that it is very hard or impossible to sell to users who are crazy about free software. But there is a good % of GOTD users who do give money. Moreover, the software given away on GOTD is only for personal use and comes with no technical support. If your software’s quality is good, GOTD users will talk about it at different forums, their blogs etc.

That’s it for now. Hope these points will give you more insight towards marketing your software using GOTD.

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