Delete oldest file from a folder on Windows in C++/MFC

Following code deletes the oldest file from a folder. We need this when we wish to keep last X copies of a file for backup. So we would just delete the oldest one and create a new backup copy. Coded in C++/MFC.

//deletes by creation date
bool DeleteOldestFile(CString folderPath)
	if (!PathFileExists(folderPath)) return false;
	CFileFind finder;
	CString findString;
	CString filePath;
	WIN32_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DATA fileAttributes;
	FILETIME oldestFileTime;
	CString oldestFilePath;
	ZeroMemory(&fileAttributes, sizeof(WIN32_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DATA));
	//store current time in oldestFileTime so that we can compare in CompareFileTime to get older value
	GetSystemTime(&st); // gets current time
	SystemTimeToFileTime(&st, &oldestFileTime);
	findString = folderPath + _T("\\*.*");
	BOOL bWorking = finder.FindFile(findString);
	while (bWorking)
		bWorking = finder.FindNextFile();
		if (finder.IsDots())
		if (finder.IsDirectory()) continue;
		filePath = finder.GetFilePath();
		::GetFileAttributesEx(filePath, GetFileExInfoStandard, &fileAttributes);
		if (CompareFileTime(&fileAttributes.ftCreationTime, &oldestFileTime) < 0) 
			oldestFileTime = fileAttributes.ftCreationTime;
			oldestFilePath = filePath;
	if (oldestFilePath.IsEmpty()) return true;
	//delete the file finally
	return (DeleteFile(oldestFilePath) != 0);

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