Check if email address is valid in C++/MFC

Here is the C++/MFC code to check if an email address is valid. 
bool IsEmailAddressValid(CString emailAddress)
	if (emailAddress.IsEmpty()) return false;
	int idx;
	CString rightPart;
	idx = emailAddress.Find(_T('@'));
	if (idx == -1) return false;
	//is the first character @?
	if (idx == 0) return false;
	rightPart = emailAddress.Right(emailAddress.GetLength() - idx - 1);
	idx = rightPart.Find(_T('.'));
	if (idx == -1) return false;
	//character immediately after @ is .?
	if (idx == 0) return false;
	//is there only period?
	if (rightPart.GetLength() == 1) return false;
	///is the last character period and no characters after that?
	if (rightPart.GetLength() - 1 == idx) return false;
	return true;

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