Do you want a cheap & reliable SSL certificate?

I needed to renew the SSL certificate on our Notezilla.Net web app. Last year, I used Godaddy’s SSL certificate. It spent about $70.00 for it. When comparing other similar SSL certificates & reading their reviews, to my surprise, I found that there were certificates available at much lower price of equal quality. The cheapest I found was PositiveSSL SSL Certificate from for only $7.95/year. This one is from Comodo whom I trusted as we use code signing certificate from the same company.

It is surprising to see such vast difference in the prices between different resellers. Eg: sells the same certificate for $49.95/year. We normally doubt the quality of the cheapest reseller when the product description is exactly same as the other more expensive resellers.

Since it was only $7.95, I thought of taking the risk. The complete experience from was very pleasant. I have successfully installed the certificate on my Windows Azure server. It is working. I am not affiliated to I am just impressed.

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