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In my last post I talked about how I switched back from Google Reader to Bloglines. But a simple & important issue with Bloglines makes me look for something better. Surely there should be one. I haven’t searched enough.

The issue with Bloglines is that it does not remember you. So you need to type in the username & password every day. I am using Mozilla Firefox browser. Such a simple problem to fix. But they haven’t fixed it yet.

Thanks to the recent post ‘An RSS Reader A Week‘ by Dr.Pete at Moz. In his post, Dr.Pete is going to review a blog reader each week. He has completed with Feedly & OldReader.

I can’t wait to see the results. Based on the comments on his post, it seems that Feedly could be the winner. Still, another 9 readers to go. 9 whole weeks!

Thanks :)

FindMySoft awards 5 star to Quick Notes Plus

I had very little trust on download sites. Mainly because they just pull in product information from PAD files without adding any special value for the downloaders & the vendors. is the #1 amongst download sites but they can do lot better.

To our surprise is different. It writes exclusive reviews about a software product.

They recently awarded 5 star to Quick Notes Plus and also wrote a review comparing our premium sticky notes software Notezilla.

5 star


A must have document, folders and website launcher!

Thanks to Lee Garber for his excellent review on our product RecentX Launcher

A must have document, folders and website launcher!
I have heard much about RecentX and decided to try it. It’s truly a great and time saving program.

Recent X is a fast file launcher. It allows you to open recently used documents, media, folders and websites in a flash. But why use it you ask? Why not open these files and folders manually? The answer is the fortune of time and aggravation you will save using RecentX and the refreshing convenience that comes from use of well designed program.

RecentX puts all your recently used documents, media, folders and websites in an easy accessible and searchable hotkey triggered list for super fast identification and access. The most recently used files, folders, programs and websites get priority.

Want to keep working on a Microsoft Word document you were editing yesterday, last week, last month, and know its name but forgot where you saved it in your tree file structure? Call up Recent X with CTRL+SHIFT+1 and your recently used documents list will be in front of you, type a bit of the file name you are after and in a flash and your document is there, and you can open it and work on it with a minimum of fuss. All I can say is wow! Increased productivity here I come! Also hotkeys are configurable.

The program can also be accessed from the system tray or from clicking on a floating tab panel. Best of all it is not complicated and it is user friendly and intuitive. Microsoft why don’t you design software like this?

Better still you can easily configure it to open folders in any file manager of your choice. You can drag your recently used files right out of Recent X as attachments into e-mail – which is just awesome – it is worth buying for this alone. Recent X even allows you to cut recently used files from your recent files list and you can them paste them to locations of your choice within the folder list of Recent X itself!

You can also list all matching items in searches you conduct so your searches are not limited to recent documents, media, folders and websites only. Also the Windows explorer menu is also accessible while in Recent X.

In short Recent X is a wonderful, well thought out application that will save you a fortune of time, aggravation and money once you use it and you will soon wonder how you ever got by without it.

I strongly recommend you purchase a copy. It will pay for itself in no time!

HTTP Test Client

When developing a RESTful Web service in ASP.Net MVC I was looking for a HTTP Test client that I can be used to test the RESTful API that I had created. It is easy to test HTTP GET with a browser. What I was looking for in the tool was the ability to HTTP POST/PUT/DELETE to any Url. Thanks to Stackoverflow where chris recommended a fantastic freeware tool called Fiddler

Definition from Fiddler’s website: Fiddler is a Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP(S) traffic, set breakpoints, and “fiddle” with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler includes a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, and can be extended using any .NET language.


Tools to compare & sync Sql Server databases

One of my projects wanted me to look for a good software to compare and synchronize Microsoft Sql Server databases. Here is a list of free and commercial tools. I have not installed and tried all of them so I cannot tell which is the best. Thanks to my colleagues who had given me links to some tools.

RedGate – SQL Compare seemed to be the leader. If you are looking for a free tool then you can try Open DBDiff. We wanted a tool that can help use copy diff data between the databases being compared. This is what “Scripting” means in the below table. We couldn’t find any free tool that can compare data and also generate script for migration. Thanks.

Software Name Price Primary Features
MSSQL.SchemaDiff Free Schema Only/No scripting
RedGate – SQL Compare $395/$595 Data & schema/Scripting
ApexSQLDiff $399.00 Schema Only/Scripting
Innovartis – DB Ghost Schema Compare $350 Schema Only/Scripting
Sofotex – DB Synchro Compare $499 Schema Only/Scripting
SQL Accessories – SQL Examiner $300 Schema Only/Scripting
SQLDelta $330 Data & schema/Scripting
Tetratrax – Database Compare $195 Data & schema/Scripting
AdeptSQL Diff $320 Data & schema/Scripting
Open DBDiff FREE Schema Only/Scripting
DatabaseCompare $199 Data & schema/Scripting
SQL DB Tools – SQLDBDiff $60 Data & schema/Scripting
SQL Effects – SQL Accord $139/FREE Advanced schema compare/Basic schema compare
DBComparer Free Schema Only/Scripting
StarInix Database Compare Free Schema Only/No scripting
Yessoft Sql Server Compare Free Schema Only/No scripting
BucketsoftData Comparisons Express Free Data & Schema/No Scripting/One table at a time
SCT $99 Data & Schema/No Scripting

ASP chooses a sensible name

The Association of Shareware Professionals has renamed itself to the Association of Software Professionals (ASP).

Association of Software Professionals

Details of the name change can be found here.

I have been a member of ASP for many years now. If you are running a software company then I strongly suggest that you join the ASP. The members’ discussion group (newsgroup) will give you valuable tips for marketing your software, SEO, software registration, protection, new product development, product ideas, website feedback, product review etc.

Moreover, members of the ASP offer their products at discount price to other co-members. I take this benefit each year and save hundreds of dollars.

The Association of Shareware Professionals has renamed itself today to the Association of Software Professionals.

ClipSpy – Keep a watch on clipboard contents

One tool I use quite often when developing products is ClipSpy.

It lets you see the contents of the Clipboard. A clipboard may have multiple formats stored. ClipSpy lets you analyze each format, see its data etc.

Yesterday, it helped me track the format in which Gmail accepts a file attachment via drag and drop (works only in Google Chrome browser). It uses the CFSTR_FILENAME clipboard format.

Earlier, when developing RecentX, it helped me track the clipboard formats that Windows Explorer uses when copying files.


Get instant visitor’s feedback using Kampyle

Andy Brice mentioned on his blog about how to get website/product feedback from within every page of your website using a free service called Kampyle.

About 2 weeks back, we added Kampyle to our website. Since then we have received some useful feedback about the product and website which we may not have received otherwise.

Kampyle adds a button to every page of your website so that the user can submit feedback effortlessly. You just have to add their script on the footer of your page.

Read more about it on Andy’s Blog.

Log into multiple gmail accounts all at once using Gmail Manager

You will love the ‘Gmail Manager‘ Firefox extension if you have multiple gmail accounts to check.

‘Gmail Manager’ logs in to multiple gmail accounts all at once and periodically checks for new emails. You can quickly go to any mailbox without typing in your username and password. This extension is really handly.

Getting exact sequence of referrers/visitors to your website

Analytics software is very good in studying the indepth pattern of visitors, keywords, pages most visited etc. And Google Analytics is the best for such purposes.

In addition to Google Analytics, I use a free service called HitTail. Its main purpose is to track rare keywords that helped your visitors to come to your website. You can leverage on this information by using those keywords more frequently in your website content and blogs.

However, I use HitTail for only one purpose. It lists all the visitors (referrers) in the exact sequence chronologically as they visited your website. You can easily detect any new website that is linking to your website. Also you can see various keywords used by the visitors to visit your websites. It is easy. It is fun too. While, Google Analytics doesn’t yet give such data.