The Association Of Shareware Professionals

The ASP (Association Of Shareware Professionals)

Yes. I would recommend that you join this association, especially if you are new to the software business world. The Association of Shareware Professionals (The ASP) is a forum of more than 1500 software professionals around the world. The most valuable thing is their private newsgroups where the software developers discuss about marketing, development, business tips, software protection, infrastructure recommendation, discount offers and much more.

Don’t go on their website. It may seem dull and outdated. But their private newsgroups are worth the $100.00 yearly membership fee.

Getting exact sequence of referrers/visitors to your website

Analytics software is very good in studying the indepth pattern of visitors, keywords, pages most visited etc. And Google Analytics is the best for such purposes.

In addition to Google Analytics, I use a free service called HitTail. Its main purpose is to track rare keywords that helped your visitors to come to your website. You can leverage on this information by using those keywords more frequently in your website content and blogs.

However, I use HitTail for only one purpose. It lists all the visitors (referrers) in the exact sequence chronologically as they visited your website. You can easily detect any new website that is linking to your website. Also you can see various keywords used by the visitors to visit your websites. It is easy. It is fun too. While, Google Analytics doesn’t yet give such data.


Get notified when somebody talks about your product

Google Alert is a fantastic service from Google that notifies you (via email) when ever it finds a specified keyword while crawling websites/blogs.

You can add all your product names in ‘Google Alert’ and get an email every time Google finds a mention about it, anywhere on the Internet.

This has lot of advantages:

  • If somebody talks about your product on a blog/forum, you can participate in it by giving support, notifying them with newer updates or giving some offer to those blog/forum readers.
  • Similarly, you can learn what others think about your product, use their reviews on your website as testimonials etc.
  • You can know if your product has been cracked and is available on any of the torrent websites.

One of the best software marketing forums

If you are into software business (development & marketing) then this forum is a must-visit each day:

The Business Of Software

You will find discussions on various topics such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), registration services, marketing strategies, tips, software development trends, markets, software tools etc etc.

Most of the participants are mISV (Micro ISV). However, the discussions there are helpful to both big and small ISVs.

I strongly recommend that you subscribe to there feed today.

I have been reading the forum topics for about 2 years. Their site is simple, neat and fast.