Why Google Chromecast is better than Set Top Box (TataSky etc)

Six months back I moved from TataSky to Google Chromecast! What an amazing relief! I find several advantages of using TV via the Internet over normal Set Top Box like TataSky, DishNet, Airtel Digital TV, Videocon DTH etc.

For several years I was looking for some technology that will allow me to restrict TV by time slots. This is mainly for my kids, so that they don’t watch TV anytime they wish to and however long. I consider TV a slow poison. It takes away precious time, physical and mental health.

Here are the advantages of casting.

  1. The complete control is via the phone. Only if the kids get the phone, they get to watch TV.
  2. It is free! No monthly subscriptions! You are just using your existing broadband Internet bandwidth.
  3. More channel options. More apps providing hundreds of channels (Jio TV, Hotstar, YuppTV etc)
  4. Less commercial advertisements.
  5. Short commercial advertisements. A 30 minute TV program actually finishes in 20 minutes. We we save a lot of time and frustration due to length ads.
  6. Watch TV programs before their scheduled time. Since the same program is available at different time zones, you can watch a serial well before their Indian time table. Watch early, sleep early!
  7. There are more advantages…..I am unable to recollect. Will add them soon :)

Laptop, Desktop & Ergonomics

From year 2005 to 2008, I worked whole day only on a laptop. That was a big mistake. I was not aware that laptops are very bad for your neck, shoulders & arms. More over, they drastically reduce your productivity compared to a desktop (especially a big monitor).

Don’t underestimate the productivity boost that you would get by using a large monitor with a regular keyboard & a mouse. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a desktop. Just buy, no, I would say ‘Invest’ in an external monitor, keyboard & a mouse and connect them to your laptop. There you go! You can then work for longer hours, get more work done & you will get rid of future neck-aches, shoulder-aches etc.

Don’t hesitate to do this shift immediately. I have recently seen several companies supplying laptops to their employees instead of desktop. The employees spend whole day on small laptop screens & anti-ergnonomic laptop’s keyboard. If you want your employees to get more work done, then get an external monitor for everyone. Seriously!

Thanks :)