Bloglines as Google Reader’s alternative – a good replacement

This July’13, Google will put an end to Google Reader.

Leaving Google Reader was hard. And I am sure several users would be feeling the same. Google Reader was a simple, flawless feed reader that just worked.

I kept postponing my search for alternatives to Google Reader until I was forced to do so when Feedburner removed ‘Google Reader’ as one of the feed reader options that were displayed when adding a new feed.

Feedburner's Subscribe Page

I looked for other alternatives on the same page. Before Google Reader I was using Bloglines which was pretty good. I had moved to Google Reader just to have everything in one integrated system – Google.

I quickly registered at Bloglines. I found the new looks & usability of Bloglines to be little clumsy. But after a little effort, it was all easy.

To import your feeds from Google Reader to Bloglines, simply go to your Google Reader settings and choose the Import/Export option.

Google Reader Settings

Click on Download your data through Takeout link and there you go. Takeout will give you a .zip file containing subscriptions.xml that you will need to import into Bloglines.

Import from Google Reader to Bloglines

In Bloglines, click on ‘Add Content’, choose ‘Add a Feed’ and then choose the ‘Import’ option to import the subscriptions.xml file.

Thanks :)

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