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5 star

FindMySoft awards 5 star to Quick Notes Plus

I had very little trust on download sites. Mainly because they just pull in product information from PAD files without adding any special value for the downloaders & the vendors. is the #1 amongst download sites but they can do lot better.

To our surprise is different. It writes exclusive reviews about a software product.

They recently awarded 5 star to Quick Notes Plus and also wrote a review comparing our premium sticky notes software Notezilla.

5 star


Godaddy’s CEO kills an Elephant

Last week Godaddy’s CEO was in news for his controversial act of Killing an elephant.

Now, I am not in favor of killing (obviously). But how is this different from killing of millions of chickens, goats, pigs, turtle, fishes, lobsters etc for eating, clothing etc.

Somebody please explain? What am I missing?