Hindustani Classical Vocal Music in Chennai

This special post is dedicated to my singing teacher Mitu Banerjee.

For more than 4 years, I have been learning Hindustani classical vocal music from her. She is an amazing teacher. She knows where to take you to make you a true singer. By true singer I mean a singer who enjoys singing for himself/herself. Who can connect to the divine with surrender-ship and let the beautiful sound flow.

If you are in Chennai and wish to learn Hindustani classical vocal music then please contact Mitu Banerjee – 7845596309.

What is important is your sincerity. You cannot learn anything when you are not disciplined. Utmost dedication is required when you wish to master anything. Not giving up is important to see that real fruits of your hard work after some years.


Beach Huts

Choosing the right RSS News Reader

Beach Huts

Image courtesy of Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In my last post I talked about how I switched back from Google Reader to Bloglines. But a simple & important issue with Bloglines makes me look for something better. Surely there should be one. I haven’t searched enough.

The issue with Bloglines is that it does not remember you. So you need to type in the username & password every day. I am using Mozilla Firefox browser. Such a simple problem to fix. But they haven’t fixed it yet.

Thanks to the recent post ‘An RSS Reader A Week‘ by Dr.Pete at Moz. In his post, Dr.Pete is going to review a blog reader each week. He has completed with Feedly & OldReader.

I can’t wait to see the results. Based on the comments on his post, it seems that Feedly could be the winner. Still, another 9 readers to go. 9 whole weeks!

Thanks :)

Feedburner's Subscribe Page

Bloglines as Google Reader’s alternative – a good replacement

This July’13, Google will put an end to Google Reader.

Leaving Google Reader was hard. And I am sure several users would be feeling the same. Google Reader was a simple, flawless feed reader that just worked.

I kept postponing my search for alternatives to Google Reader until I was forced to do so when Feedburner removed ‘Google Reader’ as one of the feed reader options that were displayed when adding a new feed.

Feedburner's Subscribe Page

I looked for other alternatives on the same page. Before Google Reader I was using Bloglines which was pretty good. I had moved to Google Reader just to have everything in one integrated system – Google.

I quickly registered at Bloglines. I found the new looks & usability of Bloglines to be little clumsy. But after a little effort, it was all easy.

To import your feeds from Google Reader to Bloglines, simply go to your Google Reader settings and choose the Import/Export option.

Google Reader Settings

Click on Download your data through Takeout link and there you go. Takeout will give you a .zip file containing subscriptions.xml that you will need to import into Bloglines.

Import from Google Reader to Bloglines

In Bloglines, click on ‘Add Content’, choose ‘Add a Feed’ and then choose the ‘Import’ option to import the subscriptions.xml file.

Thanks :)


Google +1 Button recent changes – Annotation


Suddenly today I saw Google +1 button to be wider & smaller on my business website. This is not what I had configured.

Notezilla - Google + 1 Button - Inline

I am using the sharrre social media plugin to show the social media buttons. But the problem was not with the plugin.

With further investigation I found that Google +1 button takes ‘size’ and ‘annotation’ parameters as part of its configuration. In order to make the button look like in the below picture, ‘size’ must be set to ‘tall’ and ‘annotation’ to ‘bubble’. Since ‘bubble’ was the default value of annotation, I did not set it explicitly in the configuration. To fix the above, I had to set it explicitly now. May be because Google had changed the default value to ‘inline’? Not sure if this is just an accidental change or an intentional one from Google.

Notezilla - Google + 1 Button - Bubble

Here is the change I made in a call to Sharrre’s plugin function (See line #12). If you are using some other plugin, you would need to look at the options that it provides to configure Google +1 button.

                share: {
                    googlePlus: true,
                    facebook: true,
                    twitter: true,
                    digg: false,
                    delicious: false,
                    stumbleupon: false,
                    linkedin: false
                buttons: {
                    googlePlus: { size: 'tall', annotation: 'bubble' },
                    facebook: { layout: 'box_count' },
                    twitter: { count: 'vertical' },
                    digg: { type: 'DiggMedium' },
                    delicious: { size: 'tall' },
                    stumbleupon: { layout: '5' },
                    linkedin: { counter: 'top' }
                enableHover: false,
                enableCounter: false,
                enableTracking: true,
                url: socialMediaUrl

Thanks :)